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The ARGO Project in Russia is being carried out by Far Eastern Hydrometeorological Research Institute (FERHRI) now. The project will involve Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Saint-Petersburg) later.
Govermental decision on the organization of Russian ARGO structure was not made yet due to the absence of international ARGO document.
The goal of the project is to establish by March 2003 an operational system with the capacity to deploy at least 2 floats each year.
   C hronology
1999.03-04 The training in University of Washington (Prof. Stephen C. Riser) of methods of work with PALACE floats.
1999.05 The first PALACE floats were deployed by FERHRI in the central part of the Japan Sea as part of cooperative expedition with JAERI. One of them from the beginning refused to sink and therefore became surface float only. From 2000 data of floats are accesible for participants of ARGO project.
1999.06 Organizing of Drifting Floats Data Base (FERHRI). Primary control and processing of data is made by D.Swift (University of Washington).
1999.07-08 Work with University of Washington on deployment of PALACE floats in the Japan Sea.
2000.06 Cooperative (Hokkaido University- FERHRI) Expedition with deployment of 4 PALACE floats in the Okhotsk Sea.
2000.07 Deployment of 2 PALACE floats on cooperative JAERI-FERHRI program in the Japan Sea. Another couple of floats (286 and 287) had the same fortune: float 287 refused to sink (and by unknown reasons very quickly left of the Japan Sea).
2001.03 Participation of Russia in 3-rd Science Workshop. Russia was not included in Science Team.
2001.07 Foundation of Delayed Mode ARGO Data Base. Proposal to Goverment and to Agencies.
2001.08-09 Cooperative (Hokkaido University - FERHRI) Expedition with deployment of 7 PALACE floats in the Okhotsk Sea.
2001.11 Participation of Russia in 2-nd Data Team Workshop.
2002.02 Foundation of Russian ARGO Web-site. Funding for 2 ARGO floats from Hydrometeorological Agency (Hydromet).

   C ontacts  
PI:  Dr. Danchenkov M.A.Danchenk@fastmail.vladivostok.ru
Technical: Uraevsky E.P. uraevsky@ferhri.ru
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